Posted by: Grumpy | January 9, 2009

The Quest For Kungaloosh

This information is from the PTR for patch 3.0.8 so take it with a grain of salt, it may change before going live.

It’s true the Kungaloosh recipe is a quest reward from a passed out Dalaran drunkard near the Cantrips & Crows Inn in the Underbelly.  He’s located right BEHIND a sewer grate, but he’s easy to click on to get the quest and turn it in to get the recipe. It’s written on his arm.

The Kungaloosh Quest

The Kungaloosh Quest

They have removed the Shoveltusk Soup and Succulent Orca Stew recipes from the game, and also the requirement to make them for The Northrend Gourmet achievement.  The Fish Feast (450 cooking skill) recipe is available from your Cooking Supplies vendor in your faction’s Inn in Dalaran for 5 Cooking Awards.

Worg Tartar

Worg Tartar

They’ve added a new recipe for Worg Tartar (400 cooking skill, for 3 cooking awards). The deletions and additions bring the total number of recipes needed for the achievement to 44 instead of 45 like it is ont he live servers right now. So as soon as this goes live we’ll actually be able to complete the Hail to the Chef achievement.

Fish Feast

Fish Feast

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