Posted by: Grumpy | December 12, 2007

Windy Clouds Are Back?

WOW Insider reported on the problems with windy clouds in Nagrand a while back. But I noticed another problem today while doing the daily cooking quest. High up in the air, near the floating chunks of what is left of Outland, are windy clouds. w00t motes of air! I thought and flew up there with my trusty Flying Machine. Unfortunately they are too far away from “land” to get with my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor and you can’t harvest them while flying. You get a “You are mounted” error message if you try. So there they will stay, I guess, until the server resets or someone figures out a way to harvest them.

So even though they “fixed” the problem with no windy clouds we’re back to the original problem that they were trying to fix.

I added the Wowhead tooltip script today so I’m going a little link happy today.



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