Posted by: Grumpy | December 29, 2007

Things To Do: With your new flying mount!

You can put on a “dolphin show” with your Nether Ray.

This is Pojo and myself, from the guild Sleeper Cartel on the Perenolde server, during our most recent Guild Night Party. The picture is at Lake Jorune in the Terrokar Highlands. The game won’t let you go too far beneath the surface of the water if you dive straight down at it. So you end up like this in the picture. Do a few spins to entertain your friends.

During the party I learned that you can fly loops by pressing ‘W’ and the ‘delete’ key at the same time (‘S’ and ‘delete’ makes smaller loops). Yes it even works with Flying Machines. If you’re good you’ll figure out how to stop in the middle of a loop while you’re upside down and then fly upside down for a while (Hint: Don’t steer with your mouse).



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