Posted by: Grumpy | February 23, 2008

Wishlist: NASCAR for your toon!

Racing in Wow 

To continue my wish-list of things that I wish Wow had available in game,  I wish there was a new PvP Arena where characters didn’t have to get all bloody and fight to the death, but instead relied on their skill, cunning, gear, and their need for speed in another type of competition.  In short I wish Wow had Racing!!! NASCAR for your toon!!!

I remember the first time I went to the race track in Shimmering Flats and saw the races there.  I thought it was pretty cool.  But the coolness wore off fast.  What if Blizzard turned Shimmering Flats into a great PvP racing arena where toons race their special racing mounts against each other, winning reputation, racing honor, and cool gear in the process?

The Race Track

The track would have to have hazards to make racing more difficult.  Rock Slides, weather, traps, crust bursting worms that spit slowing poison, opposing faction sabotaging you, etc. Mount stats could help you resist some to the affects of the hazards.  There could also be power ups along the race track like they had in the Brewfest Ram races.

Your Racing Mount

There would have to be different racing mounts that have their own stats and gear.  Speed, Agility, Volatility, Fuel capacity, etc.  Plus some slots for trinkets.  Various crafters could make trinkets to affect the mount’s speed and other attributes.  It might be nice to have racing versions of the racial mounts.  But I also think that if you have faction you should be able to buy racing machines from the goblin or gnome vendors.  Maybe Engineers could craft their own versions. More options would be better.

The Factions

Extend the Gnome vs Goblin theme with factions like the Steamweedle Racers Union (SRU) and the Gnomish Racing Association (GRA).  Characters would have to do quests to gain reputation with the faction.  At honored they could buy a racing mount.  At revered they could buy cool trinkets to help their racing mounts stats.  At pit stops racers could buy High Test fuel from their faction for more speed. At exalted they could buy an epic racing mount.


Normal: Use of a normal racing mount.
Epic: Use of an Epic racing Mount.
Perhaps if they did this in Outland they could do flying races too.

Winning a Race

Participating in a race would give you a certain amount of rep with your chosen faction.  Actually winning a race would give more reputation and a racing badge, or honor points, or whatever method of payment is used to buy cool items from vendors.  Think badge vendors.

The Audience

This could be a great specator event.  Put a stand for the Goblins on one side of the track and one for the Gnomes on the other.  A big status board could show the location of each racer when they are not in viewing distance. Or maybe Blizzard could just put dots on the map for spectators to see. 

When a racer from a faction wins a race everyone sitting in that factions stands gets a buff to their non-racing mount speed.  The buffs could stack their time.  For instance one win would give you a buff for 15 minutes, 2 for 30 minutes, etc.  Up to two hours.  If your faction wins 5 consecutive times then the buff persists through death.


Here are just s few of the ideas that I’ve had for trinkets or crafted items for racing.

Leatherworking:  Soft Leather Stearing Wheel Cover:  +15 AGI

Engineering (Goblin): Goblin Sheep Dispenser.  Deploys an exploding sheep behind the racer that runs toward an opponent and then explodes, slowing the opponent slightly.

Engineering (Gnome): Gnomish Trap Dispenser.  Deploys freezing traps behind the racer that an opponent may run into.

Engineering (Gnome): Flux Capacitator.  +88 to base speed. (Homage to Back to the Future)

Engineering (Goblin): Denburg Compensator. Reduces the chance that your engine will blow up (-Volatility).  (Homage to Star Trek, physicist Werner Heisenberg, the German Hindenburg Zepplin, and Wow’s Hin Denberg Zepplin worker)

Blacksmithing: Magic Horseshoes (+Speed)

Alchemy: Oil of Acceleration.

Jewelcrafting: Goblin or Gnome hood ornaments with stat modifiers.  Think a miniature version of the statue in the harbor in Booty Bay, or a Hula Girl Doll.

Jewelcrafting: Various stat modifying gems.

It would take a lot of development to bring this into the game.  But I think it would be worth it.  Are you listening Blizzard?  How about patch 3.2? 😉

This idea is not complete. As I flesh it out some more I’ll update the article.



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