Posted by: Grumpy | March 2, 2008

PTR: More Fun With Fire

I predict lots of fun with this series of quests.

First there is the quest Honor the Flame where you go to the bonfires in each of the towns and talk to the Flame Warden. That’s all you have to do. Talk to the guy and turn in the quest. Rewards you with 5 gold 98 silver and 5 Burning Blosoms.

Now for the fun part. Each of the town in the opposing faction has a bonfire too. Go to their bonfires and Desecrate the Fire. All you do is right click the bonfire and wait for the channeling bar to complete the quest. Rewards you with 11 gold 99 silver and 10 Burning Blossoms. I’m not sure, but I think that desecrating their flame also removes the Bonfire’s Blessing buff from the opposing faction, which gives a 30% chance to do 700 fire damage on any melee, ranged, or spell damage.

Even more fun is capturing the fire in the opposing factions capitol cities. Rewards you with buffed food and 25 Burning Blossoms. Sorry I didn’t write down the gold reward if it had one.

None of these count as daily quests and they can’t be repeated.

Here’s what the Fire Fest Vendor offers.




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