Posted by: Grumpy | March 2, 2008

Raiding: Gearing up for Karazhan

Alright admittedly this has very little to do with crafting tradeskills in WOW.  But until I can get my hands on the new schematics for the goggles in 2.4 there’s not much new to talk about in that area.  So I’ll write a little about what my main character, Stephenn, has been up to lately. 

Prior to a few months ago I had never been to a raid.  I wanted to though so when I joined Sleeper Cartel I found the Gypsy Karazhan group. Soon I was raiding with them on weekends.  They gave me a lot of good advice on what gear to get and what my stats should look like.  Some other good sources for information are:
A great community of dedicated to Shadow Priests.  Great Threads on maximizing DPS, optimizing specs., etc.  A must read for any serious Shadow Priest.

Be Imba
When it’s getting Armory data like it should this website looks at the gear you are wearing, enchants, and gems and makes suggestions for improvement.  Once you’ve loaded your data into their site they do cache it and you can view old data if the armory is down.  For Level 70 PvE specs currently.

Works a little like the “Find an Upgrade” feature of the Armory, only a little better in my opinion.  It has a list of all of the good gear for each class and spec.  You click on the icon for, lets say head, and it lists all of the really desirable head items for your spec. and so on for all of the other gear slots on your character.  It only gives your gear that is desireable for your spec. So Shadow Priests don’t have to sort through all of the healing gear to find their +spell dmg gear.  Gear is prioritized from most desirable to least desirable. It also tells you where you can obtain said items and gives you links to their Wowhead pages.

Useful Priest Macros
A huge collection of really useful macros for priests.  Shackle Focus,  Pop Trinkets, etc.

As a result I made a little shopping list of things that I need to do to be better in Karazhan.  I made a lot of gear changes this week (I’m a little above the spell hit cap now). We’ll see how they add up during tomorrow night’s raid.



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