Posted by: Grumpy | March 5, 2008


I caught Mr. Pinchy a few months ago for the first time.  But unfortunately he didn’t drop the Magical Crawdad pet for me. Instead I got Mr. Pinchy’s Gift (Healing and Mana Potions), and Furious Mr. Pinchy, twice.

But last Friday luck was with me as I was fishing in Skettis. I caught Mr. Pinchy again.  You get three wishes from Mr. Pinchy.  But they are random, you dont pick them and there is a 48 hour cooldown until you can “wish” again.  Friday I got the potions again.  Sunday, Furious Mr. Pinchy.  But today the Magical Crawdad Box dropped. It’s about time!



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  2. Congratulations!


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