Posted by: Grumpy | April 3, 2008

A post patch 2.4 world

As you all know patch 2.4 went live last week, many addons broke, many daily quests have been completed. The general consensus is that it was a great patch. But there is one thing that I need to complain about. It is the bad thing about playing on the PTRs.

I want the stuff that I got on the PTR!

In order to test things properly on the PTR the drop rates for certain quests was raised.  That way more people could experience the new content and new rewards. I got all of the cool items from the fishing dailies. I got the brazier from the Midsummer Fire Festival.

But now I don’t have them on the live servers. On the live servers the drop rates are normal. At least for me the fishing dailies seemed to have dried up.  So it will take a LONG time to get Muckbreath’s Bucket, the new Fishing Hat, etc.

On the good side, the daily quest in Netherstorm netted me the plans for the Khorium Scope finally.

I just felt like bitching.



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