Posted by: Grumpy | April 12, 2008

What’s been going on?

There’s not much to report from the engineering side of things.  Stephenn is raiding Karazhan weekly and doing Magister’s Terrace once in a while.  He’s not ready for the Sunwell yet. So hasn’t had a chance to get those cool new goggle plans yet.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the AH for them though. 


Roswynn of Mystic Cartel wearing the Tabard of Frost from TCG points.

In the mean time I’m leveling up a level 52 Forsaken Mage named Roswynn.  She is an old old toon that I played a long time ago and stopped.  She used to be in The Pod People on Whisperwind but I recently moved her to Perenolde to partake in the fun there.  Now she’s in Mystic Cartel, the horde guild for members of Sleeper Cartel.  Since I picked her up again I switched her to Tailoring and Enchanting.  I’ve tried those tradeskills before but they were difficult for me to level.  But I know more about the game now, so I’m going to try again. 

Right now she’s working on Runecloth items and farming runecloth in Western Plaquelands while working on argent Dawn rep.  Leveling up tailoring seems to be pretty easy, but I’ve hit a snag with enchanting.  She’s at 227 right now and getting the right enchanting mats to level that up is becoming a challenge.  I could just hit up the auction house for materials, but I’d rather not do that. 



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