Posted by: Grumpy | June 20, 2008

PTR: Patch 2.4.3 goodies

OK everyone knows about getting your regular mount at level 30 in this patch.  But here are some of the other goodies that will be making their appearance in patch 2.4.3.

Nether Ray Fry (Non-Combat Pet)

A small version of the purple epic flying mount. 

Nether Ray Fry



New Quest “Nice Hat…”

Don Carlos wants you to defeat his younger self in Old Hillsbrad, if you win bring back his hat.  Don Carlos is located in Tanaris between Gadgetzan and Steamweedle port. He looks just like Juan Valdez from the coffee comercials.

Nice Hat...

 I’ve also heard that if you do Old Hillsbrad in heroic you can get this.

New 28 Slot Herb Bag Pattern

28 sslot herb bag recipe

Haris Pilton’s Wares

Haris Pilton is hawking some pretty pricey items.  In addition to the itmes in the picture she offers a limited availability pair of shades.  But someone bought them before I got there.  There are currently no stats on any of the jewelry or the shades.

Haris Pilton's Wares

Testing the new TCG Rewards

Blizzard is testing the new rewards from the upcoming “Hunt for Illidan” expansion.  So on the PTR only you can try out the following.  When it goes live you’ll have to get the loot card.

The Path of Illidan

Similar to Pappa Humel’s Pet Biscuits, you only get a set number of these. You get 100 of these items that gives you a green fel fire trail behind you when you walk.  It lasts for about 10 minutes.

Path of Illidan



Dancer’s Integrated Sonic Celebration Oscillator

The disco balls are an object that you can put out on the ground that looks kind of like a disco ball attached to the bottom springy part of an engineer’s target dummy.   When you right click on the disco ball you start to dance and it plays some music.  (At the time of writing this if there are a lot of disco balls around you, you wont hear the music play.  It must overload the sound system or something. But if you’re away from other disco balls you can hear the music).
Disco Balls


Ethereal Companion

This one looks VERY interesting.  You get a thingie that summons an Ethereal Companion. Here’s how it works, when you have your Ethereal Companion out and you kill something, he sucks the ethereal essence out of the kill and then he gives you a share.  You can then use those shares to buy things from him.  As of right now now the costume items have no stats and are just cosmetic. They are TCG itms though so they will probably remain cosmetic only.

I wonder if the liquor turns you into an Ethereal for a little while.  I’ll have to go collect some essence and find out. (Edit: It doesn’t. It just makes you tipsy)

Ethereal Companion



Better view

 Please remember that this is all on the PTR and may change before it goes live.




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