Posted by: Grumpy | June 25, 2008

PTR: Testing Brewfest 2008

Testing the new changes to Brewfest began yesterday on the PTR. Here is what’s going on there.

The first thing that I noticed was that there are no tickets this year, they’ve changed over to tokens. If you have tickets from last year you can exchange them at the vendor. But it looks like if you don’t use them they will dissapear after 21 days. So no saving them for next year.

Brewfest Tokens

All of the regular quests are there from last year, the Ram Races, Barking, Wolpertinker, Pink Elekks. One thing that ISN’T there is the ability to BUY a Racing Ram. Instead, this year they are selling Brewfest hops, which will transform your mount into a Racing Ram in much the same way as the Holly in the Feast of Wintervale transforms your mount into a Reindeer. The hops come in two varieties, Fresh and Preserved. They work just like in Wintervale, the fresh expires after a while, the preserved stays around.

Alliance Brewfest Vendor

Another addition is the “Brew of the Month Club.” See the photo for an expaination.

Brewfest Vendor Items
Click for a larger image.

My Land Mount after a dosing of Fresh Hops.

Racing Ram Transformation

NOTE: The hops WILL transform a flying mount. HOWEVER, you WILL NOT be able to fly while your mount is transformed into a ram.

The Dark Iron Dwarf attack seems to be working again. But there was only about 4-5 people there so we lost the fight. Hopefully it will work with a full server of people doing it. If you missed out on it last year, they did disable it pretty quickly, you get a drink from the “free” table and then “Use” it. You’re toon will quickly chug the beer and toss the mug at one of the nearby Dark Iron Dwarves, conking him on the head and knocking him out. The Dark Irons are trying to steal all of the beer from the large kegs, if they get all of them you lose.

The Gnome King still does the keg tapping ceremony. But I don’t remember getting this buff last year from it.

+XP Buff from the Keg Tapping Ceremony

Finally, “There is a new boss in Blackrock Depths to test — Coren Direbrew, who is located in the Grim Guzzler. The mole machine directly to the right as you zone in should transport you to the Grim Guzzler. No need to clear all the way up there.” I haven’t looked at this yet.



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