Posted by: Grumpy | June 28, 2008

WOW World Wide Invitational Webcast Production

I spent all morning watching the webcast coverage of the WWI in Paris and I have a few comments on the production side of the event. Now it’s expected that with an event of this size streaming video would have a few glitches., herky jerky video, dropouts, etc. That part of the problems this morning is understandable. However, whoever is controlling the camera selection should be fired!

If a developer is talking about something on a presentation slide or a video demo, I want to see what’s on the slide or demo not a close up of the developer’s face staring off into space. If Marylin from Nihilum is describing what the raid is doing in the Sunwell, I want to see what’s going on in the instance, not a closeup of someones hand spamming the 3 key. Yes, Sniffy is very attractive, but what’s she doing in the raid?

How hard would it have been to tap the video off of one of the monitors and switched that into the feed? Not hard at all really since they in fact did that to put the images on the large screens behind the speakers. At least take one of those two or three guys with hand held cameras and point them at the screen for a while so we can see what the speakers are talking about.

So it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t give the webcast much thought. Come on Blizzard you can do MUCH Better. Plus the MC’s were VERY annoying.

Now with that said, there was a whole lot of really interesting stuff put out. I think Shamen are about to become way more fun to play.

Cool Nihilum shirts though.  I wonder if you can buy those?



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