Posted by: Grumpy | July 29, 2008

Sleeper Summer Showdown Recap

Snowmiser, from Sleeper Cartel, put together a little video showing what went on during the server party.  Enjoy!

Here are a few of the events that we had:

Level 1 Hogger Raid
Bear Wrestling Contest (PvP with Bear Druid)
Free Food and Drinks
Level 1 Gnome Race
Epic Item Give-a-way
Lots of Dancing
Free Costumes! Support your family by wearing their shirt color.
HUGE Fireworks Show!
Daddee and Beaudry’s Wedding following the party.

Leala from the Epic Dolls Podcast put together a really good slide show of the event.

I found out that you can actually have a Spirit Wolf pet out who you’ve fed a pet biscuit, while you are dancing with your Brazier of the Dancing Flames, next your your Picnic basket and umbrella!



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