Posted by: Grumpy | August 1, 2008

Introducing Talloness the Death Knight

I have to say that the Death Knight Class and their starting zone is REALLY well done. Even at this stage of the game where not everything is quite finished, the game play is extremely compelling.  So here is my new Death Knight. I took her from 55 to 58 in a couple of hours and now she’s in Outland (That’s less time than it took to download the client :).



You start out at level 55 with no talents and a basic set of armor.  Your first quest is from none other than Arthas himself.  As you go through the quest-lines you get new armor to replace your starting set and talent points.  Along the way you’ll get a Deathcharger, Shoot some cannons, and Ride a dragon while bombing the almost hopeless Scarlet Crusaders on the ground (Be careful they do shoot back).  At the end there is a truly epic quest that gives you your final armor and talent points as well as giving us a little of the lore behind the class.   Above you can see the armor set that you’ll end up in just before you enter Outland at 58.



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