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Achievements Make Leveling Tradeskills More Fun!

So my goal today was to get “The Cake Is Not A Lie!” achievement on my main, Stephenn.  I figured it would be pretty easy right. All you have to do is make a Delicious Chocolate Cake and I’ve had the recipe for a while now. I’ve made them before for friends birthdays, etc.  So no problem right?


The Cake Is Not A Lie!

The Cake Is Not A Lie!

It wasn’t as easy as I thought.  One of the key ingredients in the cake recipe is the herb Mageroyal.  Stephenn is a Miner and Engineer. He’s never even looked sideways at an herb, unless it was wildvine for an engineering pattern.  I looked around, didn’t see any vendors who sold Mageroyal. There was absolutely none on the AH and if there was it’d probably sell for 100 gold each.  I asked guildies and checked the guild bank.  No Mageroyal.  So what was I going to do?

I’ve been planning to give Inscription to Talloness, but the trainer is in Valliance Keep in Northrend and she’s only level 58 and has absolutely NO tradeskills at all yet.  So I decided to get her ready for it at least and had her pick up Herbalism in Stormwind and headed to Elwynn Forest to gather some flowers.

Now I’ve always really hated herbalism.  It seemed like there was no pattern to where the herbs popped up and I just didn’t like the idea of picking flowers.  But with the addition of the Achievement system it added a little more fun to it. As I wandered around Elwynn I started revealing parts of the map.

I stopped by the Crazy Cat Lady and bought up all of her cats, giving me the “Can I Keep Him?” achievement, and I hit up the herbalism trainer for Journeyman training (another achievement).  Soon I had revealed all of Elwynn, getting another achievement and had leveled my herbalism skill to over 60.

So then I headed to Westfall. I remember from leveling that there was some Mageroyal there.  I checked and it only requires level 50 skill to pick.  Soon I had enough to bake the cake and I mailed the herbs to Stephenn.

But wait, I thought to myself. Even though the trainer for inscription in in Northrend, there’s one in Valliance Keep.  So I jumped on the steamship in Stormwind Harbor and headed to Northrend.  I picked up Inscription at the trainer there and then had another problem.  None of the vendors there sell Inscription tools or the various levels of parchment needed to make things.

Another trip to the internet and I found that there is a vendor in the tower at Amber Ledge! Not someplace that I’d want to take Talloness at 58.  So I logged and sent Stephenn. He’s been there a few times already while leveling. So after baking his cake and getting that achievement, he bought the items for Talloness and mailed them to her.

Once she received the items, Tallonesse went to work making various inks, scrolls, tarot cards, and pomaces and made it to Journeyman with just the things she’s farmed in Elwynn and Westfall. Take a look at El’s Inscriptions for more information about Inscription.

So the moral of the story is that the new achievement system made leveling herbalism much more fun!



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