Posted by: Grumpy | August 6, 2008

Fishing Achievements

Today I worked on more achievements.  I picked up the easy ones and then began with some of the more difficult ones.  I came upon “The Scavenger,” which is one of the fishing achievements.  In it you have to fish up something from each of the following types of pools:

  • Steam Pump Flotsam (Zangarmarsh)
  • Bloodsail Wreckage (STV Coastal)
  • Schooner Wreckage (Hillsbrad Foothills, Wetlands)
  • Waterlogged Wreckage (STV River, Beach north of Theramore)
  • Floating Wreckage (Feralas)

As you can see there are some new types of wreckage pools added. I searched high and low for the last one and finally found one in Feralas.



  1. I saw floating wreckage last night, in the lake very close to the Cenarion area in Zanga. Looked like bits of wood piled all haphazard.


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