Posted by: Grumpy | August 12, 2008

Blizzcast #4

The new episode of Blizzcast is out (But not on the iTunes feed yet) and in it they talk about some really interesting things. To me one of the most interesting thing in the game is the musical themes and how they are connected to different events, characters, and zones.  In Episode 4 Nethaera discusses this with Russell Brower, the director of audio and video at Blizzard.

I didn’t really notice this in the original game but I did notice it in Burning Crusade where Lament of the Highborne makes such a big appearance in the Blood Elf starting zones. Not just with the Lady’s Necklace quest, but in all of the ambient background music.  It’s just one more of those things about Wow that I think is really cool.

In the second segment. Drysc interviews John LeCraft (Profession Designer) about the professions in Wow and what to expect in Wrath.  He confirmed what I was suspecting about the new Engineering “enchants.”  As it stands right now, they will be a primary enchant, meaning that they will replace any other enchant that is already on an item.



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