Posted by: Grumpy | August 12, 2008

Engineers get Cannibalize!

I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this before.  But in the beta right now, engineers can cannibalize “dead” mechanical mobs and reclaim some of their parts.  It works just like skinning does. Once you’ve killed the mob and grabbed all of the loot from the corpse, when you mouse over it you’ll get the mining pick icon.  If you right click, the channeling bar appears and when it completes, you’ll get some items.

Engineering Trainer in Balaran

And the sign said you have to be an engineer to get inside. So I put my goggles up on top of my head and went in to see the supplies.

I spent a good hour at the Geyser Fields near Fizzcrank’s Airstrip this evening killing Bots and reclaiming items from them.  Mostly you get useless gray items like Sprung Sprockets and Springs, etc. that you can vendor for a little cash.  Once in a while you’ll get a useful item like a Hair Trigger, Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts, or Volatile Blasting Powder.

Hair Trigger

Tonight on the Discovery Channel. In Search of the Elusive Hair Trigger

I haven’t killed any bots higher level then that. I hope that they drop better quality items.

Thank You Blizzard!

(Beta Stephenn’s Status: Level 72 Shadow Priest. Leveling in the Dragonblight)



  1. That is awesome! Thats something I never considered wanting, but now its announced, I think its so valuable.

    Off topic: Do you find Engineering good for a Priest, especially a Shadow spec?

  2. Another thought – maybe they should allow us to create and repair constructs, much in the same way a pet is made for a Hunter or Warlock? Having my own robot dog would be nice.

    Item: K9-mechcano-bot… /dreaming

  3. I love the Destruction Holo-gogs for Shadow! They are really good!


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