Posted by: Grumpy | August 14, 2008

Spell Power Changes: A Comparison

I decide to take a look at Stephenn’s stats while wearing the exact same gear on the Live and Beta servers to see how much difference the changes in spell power would make.

Of course the minute I decided to do this they took the beta servers offline to apply a patch. So I couldn’t get the beta figures for a long time. Go Figure! But it’s back online now. So here it goes, with all buffs removed. Don’t laugh too much at my gear.1 😉

Healing Set (Normal Server / Beta Server)

Bonus Damage (706/844)
Bonus Healing (1500/844)
Mana Regen (442/413)

Damage Set (Normal Server / Beta Server)

Bonus Damage (814/788 )
Bonus Healing (876/788 )
Mana Regen (185/174)

So now that +spell damage and +healing are both covered by +spellpower you see that the healing set takes a big hit on healing.  But we’re supposed to get more heals than what you’d expect from that number.  Dwarf Priest is saying it’s about 1.88 heals per 1 spellpower right now. It is supposed to work out to be about the same as it was.  But I haven’t had a chance to do any healing yet to test it out.

So it becomes an exercise in figuring out which pieces of gear are better now.  A lot of my DPS gear, after being converted to spellpower is better for healing than my healing gear was.  For instance, I swapped out my healing cloak for the Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran (normally a DPS item) and my healing jumped up to 853.

And surprisingly my Healing set is better at damage now than my DPS set is. All the more reason so start swapping items around to see which puzzle pieces fit better now.

Also the mana regen numbers took a little bit of a hit. I’m not sure why.

1. Just before beta my toon had just made the switch from shadow to holy and didn’t have a full set of healing gear. So I gemmed some of my dps gear for healing.



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