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Beta: New Pets and other Fishing things…

Fishing the sewers of Dalaran can be rewarding.

Giant Sewer Rat Pet

Giant Sewer Rat Pet

It took me about 300 catches to get the pet. Some have reported getting it after only 5. El from El’s Extreme Anglin’ got it after about 600.

Mostly you catch Sewer Carp, but you also catch Magic Eaters. Magic Eaters are fish that have been living in the sewers of Dalaran where careless Magisters and Alchemists have been dumping their refuse for years. The Magic Eaters consumed the magic leftovers and absorbed it.

If you eat one you will get either a random Well Fed buff, or one called Wild Magic that transforms you into something for about 30 seconds. I tried it a few times and was transformed into a Green Whelp, a Cockroach, and a Basilisk. I also saw someone transformed into a wisp that looked like the Spirit of Summer.

Also seen in the area. A large rat teaching 4 turtles among a bunch of broken chemical vials. Cowabunga Dudes!

When you fish in the fountains of Dalaran you have a chance to catch a coin that someone tossed into the fountain over the years.  Written in the description of the coin is either the wish that the person made when they tossed the coin in, or what they were thinking about when they tossed it.

So far I’ve caught coins from:

Alleria Windrunner who wants her sisters to grow into their full potential.
Aegwynn who thinks the mages should get their heads out of their books more often.
Genn who thinks the fountains in Gilneas are better.
Stalvan who is upset with the mages for not helping him win his love.
Khadgar expressing concern for and good luck to Alleria and Turalyon.

and Medivh….who’s coin is quite odd. It says “<You sense the ringing of three tones, the third barely audible under the others’ din>.”  Does anyone have any idea what that is about?

There are many more but those are the ones that I’ve caught so far.

One that has been reported is Jaina Proudmoore wishing that her love, Arthas, would return to her.



  1. in regards to your Medivh comment, i think it has to do with the Guardian of Tirisfal/Sargeras information. As Medivh was the Guardian of Tirisfal, he was responsible for keeping Azeroth safe – he had power entrusted to him by Aegwynn, the former guardian – this would be the first tone.
    While Aegwynn was Guardian, she destroyed one of Sargeras’ bodies, but the soul of Sargeras left the body and entered Aegwynn, waiting for her to pass along the power of the Guardian, which she did to Medivh. Sargeras inhabited and was attempting to take control of Medivh to use the power of the Guardian as his own way into Azeroth. That would be the second tone.
    The third (and barely audible) tone would be that of Medivh the man, who cannot clearly be heard above the sounds of Sargeras and the Guardianship.

  2. […] is a rare catch: I caught almost 600 fish, Stephenn caught 300, another angler caught the Giant Sewer Rat after just 5 catches, and others are still […]

  3. yea the one about Jaina Proudmoore is real, i fished that one up once


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