Posted by: Grumpy | November 10, 2008

Status of the Pet Achievement

So I’ve been concentrating on the “Shop Smart…Shop Pet Smart” Achievement recently. I really want the very cool “Stinker” skunk pet that you get when you collect 50 pets.  (BTW Grats Rae!) So far I’ve collected 44 out of the required 50 pets.  But thanks to Lealu from Epic Dolls, Ros was able to port into the Grim Guzzler and obtains some Dark Iron Ale mugs. So tomorrow when the Darkmoon Fair arrives in Shattrath I’ll be able to get a tiny Jubling egg.  Bringing my total to 45 (I AM counting my Frosty in that count, even though I haven’t received my Collectors Edition yet).

Mister Pinchy and the Firefly continue to elude me on Ros.  Although I have both of them on Stephenn.

Roswynn’s Pet Collection at

So what are my plans once I hit Northrend?  First get to level 71 so I can port to Dalaran. Once there I’ll be buying a Ghostly Skull pet, and attempting to fish up a Giant Sewer Rat. In Sholazar Basin you can get some pet eggs from the Oracles (If you have the revered reputation with them) that hatch into one of a few pets randomly. Finally there is a a Dalaran Familiar pet that is available when you read a bunch of VERY RARE books in Dalaran. See for more.



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