Posted by: Grumpy | November 20, 2008

Kalu’ak Reputation

The Kalu’ak Tuskar faction offers two items that I desire. Pengu the penguin pet and the Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole. Right now I’m working on it on Roswynn, my Forsaken Mage.

There are 3 major Kalu’ak quest hubs.  Kaskala in Borean Tundra, Kamagua in the Howling Fjord, and Moa’ki Harbor in the Dragonblight. Each offers quests that grant reputation.

There are three daily quests that also give reputation:

The Way to His Heart 500 rep (Howling Fjord)
Preparing for the Worst 500 rep (Borean Tundra)
Planning for the Future  500 rep (DragonBlight)

Of note:

The Way To His Heart has a quest chain that you must follow to unlock the quest.  It starts with the Tuskar known as Orfus of Kamagua who stands near the Great Lift in the Howling Fjord (coordinates 40, 60).  The chain takes you to the pirates of Scalawag Point who will not talk to you, in fact they will kill you if you havent completed the Street Cred quest.

Preparing for the Worst can be found on the Northwest corner of Kaskala.



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