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Cooking Guide 375-450

This is all preliminary because I haven’t made it to 450 yet. But here’s what I’ve done so far, and my plan to get to 450.

Pick up all of the new recipes from the trainers in the starting cities. Using them to level to 400 is pretty easy. Especially if you’re leveling fishing at the same time.

Above 400 you’ll need to be doing the Dalaran Cooking daily quests to earn enough Dalaran Cooking Awards to buy the new recipes from Misensi the cooking supplies vendor. You can pick up the daily quests from Awilo Lon’gomba in the Horde side Inn in Dalaran (Same for the Alliance in their Inn). If you can get to Dalaran you might as well start doing them now to stock up on the cooking awards. You’re going to need a lot of them after you hit 400.

Get the new recipes from the cooking supply vendor. Most of them turn green early on so you’ll need a LOT of meat and fish to level to 425. The Critter Bites recipe seems to stay yellow fairly long (It turns green at 415 and you’ll need it for the Critter Gitter achievement), but it requires Northern Spices. Cuttlesteak, Blackened Worg Steak, Blackened Dragonfin, Dragonfin Fillet, and Critter Bites stay yellow the longest but they all turn green at 415. And you can’t use the next level recipe until 425. This is the range that I’m at right now. I’m almost to 420.

More Cooking dailies to be able to buy the following recipes.
Small Feast and Gigantic Feast from the same vendor. Everything else goes gray at 425.

So now the question on my mind is where do I find Deep Sea Monsterbelly for the Gigantic Feast recipe?

According to WowHead they are fished and require 555 fishing skill to catch.

Get some Elixir of Water Walking and head south from the Unu’pe pier to around (coordinates 30,66) where you’ll find pools of Deep Sea Monsterbelly and Moonglow Cuttlefish grouped together.



  1. Deep Sea Monsterbelly. Basically, anywhere in the Frozen Sea, which is the deep sea round the southern half of Northrend. But pools are only found in certain locations (shown on the maps linked) – most don’t need water walking, since there are lumps of ice to stand on. I’m not sure where the 555 figure comes from. When I last checked, skill required was 480 to cast, 575 to stop get-aways.

    I think the best advice on cooking is still not to try and power-level the last 25-30 points. There is nothing known that needs 450 skill. As you say, everything is grey, and it all uses Northern Spices, which are linked to the daily quest.

  2. True, 425 is the target that I need to be able to cook the Gigantic Feast for the achievement. Then I’ll have the Chef title.

  3. Thanks for the info

  4. Added in a recent patch – Recipe: Fish Feast which requires 450 cooking to make. It’s a great raid buff food as it gives +80 Attack Power, +46 Spell Power, and +40 Stamina for an hour. You can buy it for 5 Dalaran Cooking Awards at the Cooking Suppliers in Dalaran.


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