Posted by: Grumpy | December 3, 2008

Status of Cooking 445-450

This range of cooking skill is BRUTAL to level up!  I’m at 446 right now. I got the one skill point after cooking 90 (Count em 90!) Critter Bites, and Blackened Worg Steak.  All recipes that I know of are green at this level so getting skill points is very time consuming.

Now a sane person would say that there’s no reason to go any further in cooking, you can cook everything in the game right now.  But my guild is having a sort of contest. It’s sort of a “Feat of Strength” achievement kind of thing to see who can get what skills to maximum first.  I already won the Fishing one.  Now I’m trying for the cooking one.

4 points to go. At 90 per point that’s 360 northern spices. Ugh! Maybe I’ll get luckier on the next points?

Guild Firsts. FTW!

Does anyone know of a recipe that ISN’T green above 445?



  1. Afaik all recipies are green above 445, including the gigantic feast that requires 435 in the first place. Even though it’s green, it does seem to require less ammounts to cook before you get a skillpoint. Mats are harder to grind though.

    449-450 took me 140 Spices and a LOT of farming mats for the recipies. Maybe I was just unlucky with that one though, because at 446-447 I didn’t spend half as much as you did per skillpoint.

    Anyway, goodluck with your cooking! And let’s hope there will be some really nice 450 recipies in the near future!

  2. Hey, those snow flakes are a really nice touch. 🙂

  3. “The recipe for Fish Feast has been added. Fish Feast gives a +80 Attack Power, +46 Spell Power and +40 Stamina buff. The recipe requires 5 Dalaran Cooking Awards and 450 cooking skill to buy.

    Fortunately, Gigantic and Small Feasts become “yellow” until skill 450, making it much easier to skill-up cooking to 450. ”

    Don’t drive yourself nuts 😛

  4. Well I did it. It took me a LOT of time, but it’s over. 450 Cooking AND Fishing. Now for Enchanting and Tailoring.


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