Posted by: Grumpy | January 10, 2009

Addon: OPie

This one takes a bunch of spells, etc, that would take up real estate on your action bars and puts them in an invisible ring in the center of your screen. Invisible, that is until you push the right button. Then they appear and you can click them to activate the function. This is especially helpful for mages and all of their teleport and portal spells. It also puts your trade skills in there automatically.

The UI reminds me a little of Sexy Map in that it’s sort of soft and glowy. It has a LOT of customization options to let you set it up the way you like it. For instance I didn’t like the default method of selecting a function so I changed it. I also changed the default key bindings so that the displays go active when I press different buttons. I did this because a couple of them conflicted with some of my previous key mappings.

My Key Mappings (This is not the default so YMMV):

Alt-R brings up the Raid Markers (Lucky Charms)
Alt-T brings up Trade Skills
Alt-S brings up Mage Shields
Alt-P brings up Mage Portals
Alt-A brings up Mage Armors
Alt-X brings up Mage Teleports
Alt-B brings up Buffs and Conjur Supplies Spells
Alt-Q brings up all of the quest items in your bags so you don’t have to search for them.

It’s not just for mages though. It has default setups for just about every class. And like I said you can change it to your liking. I imagine Hunter’s would love this for all of their Tracking spells.

Here’s a picture of it. Remember it’s completely invisible until you press the keys to bring the ring of icons up.

Roswynns Portal Spells

Roswynn's Portal Spells

Get OPie here!



  1. That is an awesome mod! I’m going to have to go get that for my Mage. Woot! 😀


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