Posted by: Grumpy | January 18, 2009

Sleepercast #2 – January 2009

New and Improved for the New Year! Now LONGER! 😉 

Sleepercast #2 with Stephenn and Erudi, is online now. 

This month we talk a little about… 

1) Lunar Festival Events and Achievements. 
2) The Sleeper Calendar of Events. 
3) Beginner’s Corner (What’s a Guild Night). 
4) Patch 3.0.8. 
5) Planning the next Sleeper Party. 
6) What we did this month. 
6) Call for segments. 

Coming Next Month: 
Love is in the Air 
Magecrafting 101 
What’s on Erudi’s Mind?  

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002 – Sleepercast #2 – Jan 09 – MP3  


Want to send a Valentine’s Day shoutout? Interested in contributing a segment? Please e-mail your recordings to Stephenn at the address above. 

Thanks to BOLITASH for the graphics! 

Musical Credits: The Godfather: Waltz by Nino Rota. From the Godfather Trilogy I, II, II. 

Thanks for Listening! 




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