Posted by: Grumpy | February 1, 2009

What kind of raiders are we?


Saragotha and I recently had a discussion on the Epic Dolls forums about raiding burn out which raised an interesting, although separate, question. “What kind of raiders are we?” We’ve been calling ourselves a “Casual Raiding” group. But the word “casual” has implications that really don’t apply to us. Implications like we have no rules or we are very lax. Those implications are completely false.

We’re not hard core raiders either. We try very hard not to have such tight rules and requirements. So that the experience is enjoyable for everyone and a lot of different people can participate. That’s why we’ll hear some of the raid leaders saying “We are not a raiding guild. We are a casual guild that also raids.”

“Mid-Level Raiders” is a bit more descriptive. But it sounds like we’re at level 40.

Maybe the different levels of raiding could be descriped as a spectrum? Then we could use the term “Mid-Spectrum Raiders.” Which to me sounds the most descriptive. But also sounds way to jargon-ish (is that a word? Jargony?).  

Maybe we could just use the first letters and have a cool three-letter-acronym (TLA)?


What do you think?



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