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The Argent Tournament (Part 2)


The quests:

Learning the Reins: This is the first “joust” quest.  You must pick up a spear and equip it.  Don’t forget to do that or you wont be able to get on your mount. Go to the southern part of the Tournament area and grab a Hawkstrider mount. Then do battle with three types of target dummies.  This is a very easy quest designed to get you familiar with the mount controls. If you’ve done any of the other vehicle quests this should be very familiar already.

Hey what's THIS button do?

The type of attack you use agains each type of dummy is different. One you hae to melee, another is ranged, and the third is charged.  Just mouse over the button on your vehicle control panel and it’ll tell you which attack each button does. There is a button labelled Duel. Hmmmmm. Rewards Gold, 2 Aspirant’s Seals, and 250 Sunreaver reputation.

The Edge of Winter: This quest sends you to southern Crystalsong Forest where you defeat Lord Everblaze and get his Everburning Ember. You take the ember to the lake Southwest of Camp Winterhoof in Howling Fjord and use it to unlock the Princess, who then gives you the sword quest item to turn in.  Rewards Gold, 2 Aspirant’s Seals, and 250 Sunreaver Reputation. (Edit: This quest changes each day but they all deal with obtaining a rare sword from a Maiden of a lake. All very Arthurian!)

Saving the Princess, Again!


Training in the Field:  Easy, Kill 10 Scourge in Icecrown.  Gold, 1 Aspirant’s Seal, 250 Sunreaver Reputation.

Jack Me Some Lumber: Easy, but maybe over farmed. Go to the west part of Crystalsong forest and cut down the special trees. 13 gold.




Chip off the Ulduar Block: Go to the ruins around Ulduar. Get close enough to a Stone Block, right click the explosive charge and back away. It gives you a few seconds before it blows up. But if you’re too close you will take damage. Not much though.  After the explosion there will be 2-4 little stone blocks for you to collect. You’ll need 20 of them.  13 Gold.


Making Big Rocks Into Little Rocks

Someone dropped this stone block on a Gnome.


Faction Vendors: Inside the faction tents there are Quartermasters for each of the races.  They all sell pretty much the same things (Placeholders for now mostly). But they aslo sell Racial Mounts and Non-Combat pets.  The mounts and pets are different for each racial vendor.

Forsaken:  Swift Forsaken Warhorse (100), Trisfal Batling (40)

Orc:  Swift Orgrimmar Wolf (100), Durotar Scorpion (40)

Tauren: Great Mulgor Kodo (100), Mulgor Hatchling (40 – looks like a baby Plainstrider on the icon)

Troll:  Swift Darkspear Raptor (100), Sen’jin Fetish (40)

Blood Elf: Swift Silvermoon Hawkstrider (100), Enchanted Broom (40)

They all sell the Argent Hippogryph (250)

The numbers after the item are the amont of currency you’ll have to pay for the item. The currency used is Champion’s Seals which, I assume, is what you get by winning a tournament.

It looks like at this stage of the game I can earn 5 Aspirant’s Seal per day from daily quests. So it’ll take 3 days to complete the quest to do the Aspirant’s Challenge.



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