Posted by: Grumpy | March 19, 2009

PTR: Call for Argent Tournament Testing

Blizzard put out a call for more testing of the Argent Tournament on the Test Realms.  To me that is a great thing.  Right now the Argent Tournament seems REALLY HARD! Too hard in my humble opinion. So hopefully a lot of people will tell them the same thing.

The problem seems to be with the reactivness of the NPC jousters if you have any kind of latency. Since the jousters are ont he server they play with near zero latency compared to the players who have to deal with all kinds of delays on the internet.

Hopefully they’ll find a solution because it’s very frustrating right now.



  1. I have similar situation on live. The Valiant npc’s are too fast. 500-700ms latency most times on my line. For 3 marks I spent hours (some is learning), but I then followed a good strategi and usually is in a win situation until half hp on him. Then it seems like he double shield-break me and I get caught in my cooldown wait on the defend (getting 1 shield layer back). That cooldown is so frustating. Npc get’s a 1 sec window each move and my game there is quite random swinging after latency. Should be easy to program after latency. Anyway, guess I will skip alot with these quests.

  2. Keep practicing, you’ll get it. The latency issues we had on the PTR have been fixed and it’s very doable now. There seems to be a steep learning curve though. I know that if I hadn’t had all of the practice that I had on the PTR I would not be doing as well on live.


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