Posted by: Grumpy | April 29, 2009

How many times…?


A guild application from Bob is sitting in my inbox. To fill out our guild application Bob had to agree to our rules and have become familiar with our website which is plastered with the phrase “We are not a raiding guild, we are a social guild that also likes to raid.”

How many times?

Seriously, how many?

Looking at Bob’s armory profile, he is dressed out in all purples from Heroic Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum, and even some Eye of Eternity. His character could fill a key position in our raids. But he seems a little more advanced than we are at the moment. His application says things like he enjoys raiding but wants a more casual atmosphere than the hard core raiding guilds have. He mentions that he cannot play the game on Saturdays because he has to work that night.

That’s cool, we’ve been looking for people to fill in only one one night. Plus we’ve been toying with the idea of adding another raid night so that more people can see the content and also to give us a little more time during one instnace reset cycle to clear all of the wings in Naxx.

We remind Bob that we are not a raiding guild and he still wants in, so we accept him.

We add a raid night so that Bob and everyone else has an extra night to raid.

Fast Forward a month. There has been no communication from Bob, at least to management. He shows up for raids, does his job. We progress through some more bosses and wings. Everything seems fine.

Now I have an e-mail from Bob sitting in my inbox saying that he doesn’t like the way we’ve organized the raid, our gear sucks, we always schedule things on nights that he can’t raid due to work, the only night he can raid on our current schedule is Saturday (Yes the same night he said he coudn’t raid). He’s very blunt that we are not up to his standards so he is going to /gquit to join a relatively more hard core raiding guild.

Why is it that when there are changes in people’s lives (ie a work schedule change) or they are not happy with the way things are going they won’t tell guild management until it’s too late? We try very hard to be open about our methods and goals. We try to be flexable with scheduling. But this kind of thing seems to happen fairly frequently.  Especially from people who were previously in a hard core raiding guild.

The people who run your guild or raid are not mindreaders.  They need feedback from you in a timely manner, not a Dear John letter when it’s too late.

“We are not a raiding guild! We are a social guild that likes to raid. There’s a big difference.” We say that a lot. We try to underline it, for a reason.




  1. Mildest rant ever. hehe Typical Ros. =)

  2. This has happened to my small, social and sometimes-raiding guild on so many different occassions, I’ve lost count. 😦 I think that guilds like ours are a target for more hardcore players that think that they’re going to be able to come in and “school” the rest of us – or take over raid/guild leadership. When they realize that’s NEVER going to happen, they kinda freak out and nerd rage and wind up /gquitting for stupid reasons. I feel your pain. I wish they’d stop trying to take advantage of my guild, too. 🙂

  3. “Really! I’m a reformed raider! I want to just enjoy the game with you social types!”

    OMG, the names that have piled up in my head over the last three years are just frightening…


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