Posted by: Grumpy | December 13, 2009


Here is the quest chain to get your very own Quel’delar sword (Or a nice shiney mace if you like).

1. The Battered Hilt (The item that begins this quest drops in the NEW heroic 5 man instances in Icecrown Citadel).
2. What the Dragon Knows
3. The Silver Covenant’s Scheme
4. A Suitable Disguise
5. An Audience With The Arcanist
6. Return to Myralion Sunblaze
7. Reforging the Sword
8. Tempering the Blade
9. The Halls of Reflection
10. Journey to the Sunwell
11. Thalorien Dawnseeker
12. The Purification of Quel’Delar
13. A Victory for the Sunreavers for the sword rewards.

or if you can’t use swords
13. A Victory for the Sunreavers for the mace rewards.

The weapons that you get from completing this quest-line are Item Level 251!



  1. […] of trash just before Bronjahm and luckily I won the need roll. I made it through quest #7 in the Quel-delar quest-line last night.  The Hammer of Purified Flame will be mine soon. […]


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