Posted by: Grumpy | January 7, 2010

One Shot Marrowgar

Lord Marrowgar

Last night’s raid was pretty successful. We one shot Lord Marrowgar the very first time that we were in there and that is very satisfying. The tankspot videos helped a LOT! Lady Deathwhisper however gave us some problems and we struggled with her for the rest of the evening. We didn’t have the right balance of ranged DPS and melee to take care of the Reanimated Adherents and we couldn’t get her into phase two.

My hat’s off to our raid leaders and the members of the raid team. we were well prepared and that one shot proved it. BRAVO ZULU Dolls!

Some Observations:

On Marrowgar you are moving a LOT. Instacast heals are your friend, so I was putting renew on as many people as I could and using the Surge of Light procs to heal people who needed it. I also used Circle of Healing a lot. That part reminded me a little of the Hodir fight in that I was healing on the run all of the time.

On Lady Deathwhisper: The Reanimated Adherents need to be taken down by WHITE damage, NO Spell or abilities that might be classified as spells. (Not sure about poisons, will have to look that one up). It seemed like we didn’t have enough melee to deal with the Reanimated Adherents.

Dispelling the bubbles is VERY DIFFICULT. They were being resisted 5-7 times (Actually 10-14 because Mac was doing the same thing) before they were finally dispelled. And I’m not even sure that they were dispelled then because it could have been the melee DPS taking them down too. MASS DISPEL is an AOE spell and therefore a mana hog. By the end of phase one I was on empty. I had already popped Hymn of Hope, taken a mana pot, and sent in my shadowfiend and I was still out. Any talents or spells, like Innervate, that people have that could boost the priest’s mana during the end of that would be a great help. That or more Melee on the shields to break them down too.

One thing that might help but I’m not sure if it’s possible. The Mass Dispel is strongest in the center of the AOE target circle (I just learned this from the reading). If the tank can keep the Reanimated Adherent still, while I drop the dispel target circle on him, and then keep him there until the spell lands 1.5 seconds later, it would have a better chance of working. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s even possible to keep them in one place for that amount of time. But it might be worth a try.



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