Posted by: Grumpy | January 9, 2010

More ICC

OK so last night wasn’t so hot with the 25 man version of ICC. We cleared the trash but repeatedly wiped on Marrowgar. No ring for Zala yet.  Oh well.

Tonight we go back to the 10 man version and try at Lady Deathwhisper again. I think we’ll get her tonight. First we’re scrapping the idea of Mass Dispelling the bubbles on the Reanimated Adherents. They are 99% resistant to magic and well Mass Dispell IS magic. No wonder it took so long to get rid of those sheilds. The WowWiki strategy says that they are dispellable but in real practice not so much. I didn’t see any other strats that recommend using mass dispell so we’re going to try it without doing that.

That should free up a BUNCH of mana for me to heal with. Which should help out our tree with the mana issues that he was having as well.



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