Posted by: Grumpy | January 16, 2010

First Drama

In our new guild, Soulbound Inc., we had our first drama recently. It turns out that a person who we thought was a close friend wasn’t as close as we thought. Evidently this person didn’t like some of the new/old people* we were bringing in the guild and he went off to “greener” pastures. An interesting side note is that even though he gquit in the middle of prime time. Not many people even noticed or cared (Maybe they knew more than I did about the situation?).

We did everything that we could, and he still left. After it was all over we learned some things that made us change our opinion of this “friend.”  So at this point cutting our losses and moving on is probably the best solution.


We’re starting to raid again starting Wednesday in ICC-10. Then the next week we’re going to try a permanent raiding roster (like a real raiding guild) instead of the sign up system that we used in Epic Dolls. I’m excited about this because it means better consistency and progression.

*Split offs from the big Epic Dolls/Insane Horde Posse split a while back.



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