Posted by: Grumpy | January 20, 2010

Stepping back a bit

The new guild is going really well. Better than expected. Many people online every night chatting in guild chat, running instances. Except for one little bump, I couldn’t be happier about how it all turned out.

Now we have a tiny little problem. More people who want to raid and some of those people aren’t geared well enough for ICC-10. Which I don’t see as a problem, given how easy it is to get gear now with Emblems of Triumph and the new 5 man instances in ICC. Even so some are complaining about possibly being left out. So I posted a little guide on the Soulbound forums about gearing up. Basically it says this.

Run the Heroic 5 man ICC instances every day. It doesn’t take long and all three of them drop iLevel 232 gear and each boss drops Emblems of Triumph.

Run a Random heroic every day. You get 2 Emblems of frost plus a bunch of Emblems of Triumph.

There are really good crafted bracers out there that if you get the mats people will make them for you. They are all iLevel 245.

After a few days of doing this you should have enough 232 level gear. You should also have a big stack of Emblems. Buy items from the Emblem vendors that will replace your lowest iLevel items.

Which is exactly what I did. Sure the Battered Hilt helped a lot. But the rest was easy street.

Anyway since many of our raiders aren’t geared for ICC yet. We’re taking a step back for a couple of weeks to do ToCr-10 until they are.



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