Posted by: Grumpy | February 8, 2010

Progressing Backwards

After our initial successes in ICC-10 we seem to be sliding backward. Saturday night we couldn’t even down Lord Marrowgar.  Some reasons could be that we have a few newer people joining us, but I don’t think that’s it. Those people from IHP seem to be doing really well and doing everything that they need to in order to get the job done. It could be that the former Epic Dolls are not pulling their weight. After all we in Soulbound, Inc. ARE a raiding guild now, unlike the Dolls and maybe they aren’t gettting that.

We had lots of deaths due to Saber Lash and Bone Spike, so people weren’t in the right place or freeing people who were impaled in time.

So now we come to the time when we have to do something about it. In the past we’ve forced a break from raiding when we ran into times like this and that worked. We took that time to get better gear in heroics and PUGs and also study the strategies better. What has worked for you’re raid team in times like these?




  1. If you are stumbling on Marrowgar you have a core issue that you need to fix first. Use a combatlog parser like World of Logs and read those logs. That should clearly identify who’s not pulling their weight and caused those wipes.

    If it’s slacking DPS, you can check on rotations, the damage distribution always helps.

    Make people aware of issues without being accusing, just lay it out there plainly.

  2. Thanks Kadomi. It’s a mystery since we had him pretty much on farm before. But we did have a couple of new players join us this week. One of them being one of the tanks. And it looks like Saber Lash was a big issue, so we’re checking into that while digging into the stats on World of Logs. Thanks again.

  3. Heya, it’s Krilg. Maybe the OT wasn’t following the MT closely enough? This could have allowed the melee DPS to catch the Saber Lash, right?

  4. […] Forward Again! Thank goodness the problems that I posted about a few days ago were a fluke. Last night Soulbound downed Marrowgar and made good progress on Lady Deathwhisper. […]


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