Posted by: Grumpy | February 11, 2010

Progressing Forward Again!

Thank goodness the problems that I posted about a few days ago were a fluke. Last night Soulbound downed Marrowgar and made good progress on Lady Deathwhisper.  Unfortunately because of our roster rotation I wasn’t there to see it. But our Guild Mistress Illidarian has a good post about the evening on her blog (Cutting a Swath) and I’m sure that the World of Logs stats reports will be available soon (Here they are).

Our group DPS numbers were up from previous attempts which is fantastic. Congratulations to everyone who improved their stats. It just wasn’t enough yet to get her down before the enrage timer. It looks like we have the mechanics of the fight down. We just don’t have the DPS to down all of the adds and we get overwelmed. We did get her shield down to 20% though. We’ll get there soon. I am confident and I really want to try out those rocket packs on the next fight.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I ordered a copy of Star Trek Online. It should be here today or tomorrow so I will be trying that out and posting about it soon.



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