Posted by: Grumpy | February 21, 2010

The Death Whisperers!

Lady Deathwhisper

Lady Deathwhisper

FINALLY! We downed Lady Deathwhisper last night. Then went on and finished the gunship battle. YAY Soulbound!

What finally did it for us was a combination of things. First was the effort that everyone put in to getting better gear to raise our overall DPS to a respectable level. Second was a sight variation on the strategy that we were using.  This time we broke up the groups. Instead of just saying White Damage team take the Reanimated Adherent. We put all the white damage folks in group 1 and the yellow damage folks in group two. Then we said Group 1 is responsible for taking out any type of Adherent, not just the reanimated versions. And Group 2 is responsible for killing ALL Fanatics. Group 1 when there are no Adherents up then Wail on Deathwhisper’s Shield. Group 2 when there are no Fanatics up then attack Deathwhisper.

This simplified things for the DPSers a lot. And all of a sudden, before I knew it her shield was down and we were in phase two for the first time ever. Then we just dodged ghosts and interrupted frostbolts and it was over. WOOT!!

I have to say that the gunship battle is on of the most fun encounters in WOW right now. We had a blast! It took us three attempts, mostly because we were having so much fun with the rocket packs, but we finished that battle too. Hopefully next week we’ll see Deathbringer Saurfang!


On a side note: I got the Emerald Proto-drake on Roswynn FINALLY! Now I need to get it for Zala. I see more egg yolks in my future.



  1. I agree, that was an incredible night. Thank you, and the other raid leaders, for putting such effort into leading us through.

  2. It was a blast, wasn’t it!? ^-^ I was so ecstatic that we downed that bony bitch. *dances*


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