Posted by: Grumpy | February 22, 2010

New Banner

I finally got around to changing the banner for the blog. That’s Zala’jin standing in front of the Sunwell during the Quel’delar quest-chain. I love that picture, I just wish I had remembered to turn off NPC names before taking it. Oh well, it gives it that real game picture look. I also updated the “About Me” page so that the information there is a little more timely.

Update on the Mammoth quest: I’ve single-handedly caused the price of Frostweave cloth to go up on Perenolde horde side. I made so many Frostweave bags over the weekend that people are raising their price on Frostweave. I guess I’ll back off on buying that cloth for a while until the price goes down again. I passed 8,000 gold last night so I’m more than half-way to getting the mount.




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