Posted by: Grumpy | February 28, 2010

Raiders of the Lost Secrets

*cue the Indiana Jones music*

I had a long talk with Illidarian last night about the role playing story that we’ve been writing together for the last….well….several months. We were discussing her toon’s backstory and an interesting idea for a story arch popped into my sleepy head. Basically the story is taking an interesting turn that makes them a little more like adventurous Indiana Jones archaeologist types. It also dovetails nicely into the new archaeology profession and the restoration of the Echo Isles to the Darkspear trolls.

I’m really excited about it.

Mammoth Update: My banker is at 15,300 gold. But the weekend is over so the hot period on the Auction House is over. Still it shouldn’t be much longer before I have that Mammoth.



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