Posted by: Grumpy | March 7, 2010

Grand Theft Guild Bank

Two guildie accounts hacked within a one month period. And each of those hackers raided our guild bank. In each case the GM’s restored everything that was stolen. But only after a period of time to investigate, etc.

The first hacker was somehow even able to override the limits that we had place on the members account. We’re not sure how he was able to do this. But it did happen. This toon should have only been able to take 5 stacks from the bank in any given day. But this person was able to take almost the entire contents of the guild bank.

The second hacker didn’t get as much and didn’t override the security.

So we decided to implement a little security of our own. From now on, in order to get access to the guild bank member much prove to us that they are using an authenticator. They do this by showing us their Core Hound Pup pet. Hopefully this will end our guild bank woes.

I’m curious. What does your guild do to prevent guild bank theft?



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