Posted by: Grumpy | March 11, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Tidal Pools

Tidal Pools, Crystal Cove, CA

Last weeks raiding was excellent. We cleared everything up to Saurfang with no problems and made excellent progress on Saurfang. Unfortunately this week’s first raid night was not so good. We tried to do Trial of the Grand Crusader and made some progress in there. But not much so we fell back to ToCr and began by wiping on Northrend Beasts.

Now this is content that we have on farm.We should be one shotting each boss all the way through to that giant poster boy for industrial strength insecticide. But for some reason last night the tanks were positioning the Jormungars so that they spew their acid all over the raid, people weren’t getting the Snobolds off of the healers (or anyone else for that matter), some were NOT doing what the raid leader told them to do, and some people were just standing around in the fire like it was the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it.

“Ohhh Shiny…Fire…Ooops I died!” is how I imagine it. I mean, I wonder if these people get burned a lot in real life. I should check the Darwin Awards more often to see if I recognize anyone.

It was very frustrating. We did eventually clear the place and then move on to down Lord Marrowgar. But it was ugly and painful. We should have been able to clear all of the way up to Saurfang so that Saturday’s raid can do progression content.

With players acting like that we can not succeed.

So Illy got all of the officers together last night and we talked about a solution. Basically we’re going to start another 10 man raid group and put those people who aren’t performing at ICC levels, as well as people who are gearing up, in that group. They will do lower end content like Onyxia and ToC until they have proven that they are ready for progression content.

We pride ourselves on being a Casual/Social Raiding guild, but we want some progression too. It’s not fair to the people who are busting their butt to be ready each and every week to have to put up with people who aren’t pulling their own weight. Hopefully this will solve our issues and also create a sort of farm team that prepares newer raiders for the higher end raiding by getting them good gear and more importantly good experience.

(And yes, for some reason I have old TV commercials stuck in my head)



  1. Well, for what it’s worth I wholly support two raiding teams: one for progression and one for gearing up. Once we have two raid teams bent solely on progression then we can merge them, pick up 5 more raiders and we’ll be off and running through 25 man progression content.


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