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Return To Raiding: aka Saurfang is Finally Dead (Again)

Saurfang Down 4/17/2010

Saurfang Down 4/17/2010


After an almost month long hiatus, last night was the first test of our new progression raid team and right off the bat…

WOO HOO! SAURFANG IS DEAD!! Zal does the celebratory pain-in-the-butt-boss is dead dance, which coincidentally looks very much like the male troll dance.

Well, he’s more dead than he was.

We killed Saurfang with only ONE Mark of the fallen Champion being cast. For that we all got a cool achievement as well as the one for clearing the wing. Which I think is pretty awesome on our first kill. [I’ve Gone and Made a Mess][Storming the Citadel]

Thanks SarahPalidin for filling in at the last moment and doing such a kick-ass job the first time you’d been in ICC. Really Well Done! Thanks to Bull for the strat that put us over the top on Saurfang. Duo-healing was challenging to say the least. Especially with River having Mark of the Fallen Champion. But the extra DPS from having Illidarian DPSing helped a lot. Also thanks to Illidarian for the extra CC on the Blood Beasts. Taunting them off the people who were about to be hit by them helped out a lot.

Finally WELL DONE DPS!!! You’re numbers were superb!!! We all really appreciate the effort that you put into doing that.

Zala’s STATS

Soulbound Inc. is looking for raiders. See this article for more.



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