Posted by: Grumpy | July 31, 2010

Good News Everyone……


Finally Putricide is dead!!!

The simplest strategies are usually the best. For us, with Professor Putricide, it is the same.

For this fight we had two healers. A holy Paladin, and my priest Zala’jin in his Holy spec.

We found that the easiest strategy was to group the ranged DPS and healers under the green slime tank on the right side of the room keeping your back against the wall as much as possible (adjusting for slime as necessary). Tank Professor P a little closer to his table but still nearby. When the green ooze pops up we Zerg it, if it explodes you don’t take much damage if your back is against the wall. The healers can manage the lower damage and everyone remains within healing range.

For priests that means a PoH on each group and you’re back to healing the tank.

Orange Ooze is much the same as other strats. Who ever becomes the target must kite it around the room while DPS burns it down.

Save cool-downs and trinkets for phase 3. The tanks kite the boss around edge of room while DPS and heals stay in the center adjusting for slime pools as necessary.



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