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Enhancement Shaman 101

Yes, I realize that it’s close to the end of the Lich King cycle and Cataclysm will probably make all of this obsolete. But I recently got my shaman, Jala’sea, up to level 80 and have learned a few things. It’s always a good idea for me to write things down so my addled brain can find it later. This is the plan I will be following to gear Jala. So here we go.

Enhancement Raiding Spec (19/52/0)

Glyphs: Stormstrike, Feral Spirit, Windfury Weapon

Gear: Today most pre-raid gear will come from ToC-5 or the three ICC-5 instances. This article, on, explains it all pretty well.

Stat Targets, Caps,  and Priorities:

  1. Special Attacks Hit: 6% (64 for horde. Easy Peasy),
  2. Expertise: 140 (26 in the character window)
  3. Spell Hit: 17% (367 for horde)
  4. Crit 30% unbuffed
  5. Attack Power
  6. Haste

Gems and Enchants:

There are two schools of thought on gemming and enchanting:  Attack Power vs.  Haste. What’s best for you is really situational, but since I’m just starting out I’ll go the AP route:

  1. If you’re not spell hit capped, gem/enchant for Hit
  2. If you’re not expertise capped, gem/enchant for expertise
  3. If you’re not at 30% unbuffed melee crit, gem/enchant for crit
  4. After that, gem AP (Bright) in red, haste (Quick) in yellow, one Nightmare Tear in a blue to activate your meta
  5. Gem AP for remaining blue sockets
  6. Use Relentless Earthsiege Diamond for your meta

Once I get into ICC level (i251) gear I’ll start stacking Haste instead of AP.


Helm: Arcanum of Torment (Requires Revered with the Knights of the Ebon Blade)
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Axe or Lesser Inscription of the Axe∞ Depending on you Sons of Hodir Reputation. If you are an Inscriber you should use Master’s Inscription of the Axe
Cloak: Major Agility or Greater Speed, If you are a tailor pick up Swordguard Embroidery
Chest: Powerful Stats
Bracers: Expertise if you aren’t expertise capped or Greater Assault if you are. If you are expertise capped and are a leatherworker pick up Fur Lining – Attack Power
Gloves: Precision if you are not hit capped or Expertise if you are hit capped but not expertise capped or Crusher if you are capped on both
Belt: Make sure you pick up a Belt Buckle
Legs: Icescale Leg Armor
Boots: Tuskarr’s Vitality Run speed will save your life more often than you think, and on multiple target dps fights and trash you will gain damage from this. If you are desperately in need of more Hit, you could also try Icewalker
Weapons: Berserking – Alternatively, if you are unable, or unwilling, to obtain this expensive enchant, MongooseSuperior Potency or Greater Potency are perfectly acceptable for Normal Mode raiding.

In general terms, Hit and Expertise gems are the best until you reach their caps. Shaman that are capped on hit and Expertise should grab Attack Power gems.

Meta Gem:
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond is the best choice for a metagem as it only requires 1 sub-optimum blue gem. Use one Nightmare Tear in a blue socket to activate your meta

Standard Totems:

  • Earth – Strength of Earth Totem
  • Fire – Magma Totem
  • Water – Mana Spring or Healing Stream Totem
  • Air – Windfury Totem
  • Depending on the situation you may be responsible for putting down Tremor Totem or Cleansing Totem instead.

    Ability Priorities

    Drop your totems and then…

    1. SW (Spirit Wolves)
    2. SR (Shamanistic Rage)
    3. SS_0 (Stormstrike, with no debuff on the target yet)
    4. MW5_LB (Lightning Bolt with 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon)
    5. FS (Flameshock)
    6. FE (Fire Elemental Totem)
    7. LS (Lightning Shield)
    8. ES (Earthshock)
    9. SS (Stormstrike again, Refresh those debuffs)
    10) FN (Fire Nova)
    11) LL (Lava Lash)


    A SLOW weapon in each hand. This article is good.




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