Posted by: Grumpy | November 19, 2010

Ranting about PUGgers

First off this isn’t directed at any guildies. Everytime I’ve run with guildies it’s been a fun time. No, this is about the random puggers out there.

So I’ve been running a lot of random instances lately and I’ve noticed a troublesome trend, people rushing through the instance. I don’t know what their reasons are. Maybe they just want the Justice Points? or the gear. But they seem to be doing a number of things that can really muck things up for the rest of the group. I for one am going to laugh my posterior off when a trash mob chews these people into pulp when Cataclysm hits.

  • Pulling before the tank, healer, whoever, is ready. This one’s pretty self explanatory. As is why it is bad. Why does a MAGE think that they should pull instead of the tank? That must be some pretty tough cloth they’re wearing! I just don’t get it. The only people who should be pulling are the TANK, or if agreed upon before hand, a HUNTER misdirecting on the TANK.
  • Not watching aggro. Not all tanks are geared in full ICC-25 gear. Some can hold aggro really well, most not as well as that. People are just lazy and don’t care if they wipe the group. Heck you don’t even REALLY need an aggro meter anymore. The default UI gives you cues when you’re approaching the tanks aggro level. Hey DPSers! Your precious Recount numbers aren’t going to mean diddly-squat if you’re dead because you pulled a mob off the tank.
  • Not following the kill order. I mean how hard is it to kill SKULL first and X second? As someone recently said, “We don’t put those lucky charms up there to attract leprechauns!” If you’re not concentrating your DPS on the same target as the tank, you’re likely going to pull the mob off the tank, take a big old hit in the grill from the mob, and piss off the healer who now has to heal you instead of the tank because you were lazy.
  • Blowing mobs away from the tank. Please stop bowing mobs out of the tank’s AOE with that wave spell. They can’t get aggro on something that is flying away from them and is no longer in range of their attacks or AOEs. This is surprisingly common.

Those are the major things that I’ve been seeing. Some of the minor things are not being aware of what’s going on. Like for instance there was this guy bitching about not getting any heals during a fight that is really tank damage intensive. During the fight there was a lightwell sitting right next to him and a patch of HW: Sanctuary that he could have been standing in. GRRRRR! That sort of thing.

Why am I going on and on about all of this? Because HEALING is about to get much harder. We’re going to have to prioritize who we heal and let others die. Especially if they are doing stupid stuff. Each and every thing that I listed above costs me more mana because I have to heal someone who I really shouldn’t have to. And very soon we’re not going to have the mana reserves to throw around like we do now.

And seriously, the next hunter who is standing next to me and pulls aggro then feigns death sending the mob in MY direction isn’t getting anymore heals and can walk back from the graveyard.

Like I said, I’m going to be enjoying it when heroics are a little more *cough* challenging, and people have to actually pay attention or die. :D



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