Posted by: Grumpy | August 20, 2011

Aww…He went to Jarod!

“Where the heck is Commander Jarod Shadowsong?”

You might be asking this if you’re working on the “Fireside Chat” achievement, which is required for the “Veteran of the Molten Front” achievement which gives you a cool new title to display above your toon’s head. To complicate things, for some people he is right there at Malfurion’s Breach yelling at the troops, but for others he is nowhere to be found. That was the case when I ran my warlock, Duvvel, though there.

Duvvel giving the graduation commencement speech at the Twilight's Hammer graduation.

Inciting a Riot!

After doing some research I found that this situation comes up when the player hasn’t released Commander Shadowsong from his captivity by the Twilight’s Hammer cult in Hyjal. It makes sense that he can’t help out with the Molten Front campaign if he’s still being held captive by the bad guys.

So while it’s true that you can do the Molten Front dailies by only doing the Mount Hyjal quests through the “Regrowth” quest-line at the Grove of Aessina, if you want to complete the achievements and get “the Flamebreaker” title you have to do the Hyjal quests at least up until you free Commander Shadowsong and turn in the “Twilight Riot” quest at the Gates of Sothann. At that point you might as well finish the zone. There are only a few more quests after that.

Once you have completed and turned in the quest, Commander Shadowsong will be at Malfurion’s Breach, either inside the cave with Malfurion, or outside, motivating the druid fighters just outside the cave. You can talk to him and get credit for the Fireside Chat achievement.



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