Posted by: Grumpy | August 23, 2011

Reforge Lite

ReforgeLite is a very handy add-on to help you reforge your characters and do it right. The add-on has presets for each class and spec which let you reforge according to commonly used stat priorities, like you might see on Elitist Jerks.

ReforgeLite Main Window

ReforgeLite Main Window

It’s super easy to use. Just go to your reforger in your city and click on the reforge link just like you would normally do. That will bring up the Reforge Lite interface. In the right pane you can select a class and spec from the preset drop down list. I’ll pick Priest > Discipline. The rest of the fields will fill in automatically.

That’s kind of important, because at this point you can over-ride any of the presets if you want to just by editing the stats that are in each box. If you wanted to you could (if you’re a DPS toon) set it to reforge for +hit up until the hit cap for heroic bosses instead of raid bosses if you aren’t planning to raid.  But generally the presets are fine.

Once you are done scroll down a little and click the “calculate” button. That will update the results table with the stats you will have once you’re done reforging. Sorry, I had already reforged my gear when I took the screen shot so the stats all say zero. Now scroll down a bit further and click “show.” To the right a window opens up showing you all of the gear and what the add on is recommending that you reforge.

Reforge Lite Show Window

Reforge Lite Show Window

Clicking the “reforge” button at the bottom will reforge all of the gear for you in one quick easy step.



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