Posted by: Grumpy | August 24, 2011

Ludicrous Speed

Ludicrous Speed is one of the achievements needed to get the “Flamebreaker” title. To get it you have to get at least 65 stacks of “Soar” when you are in flight form from the “Call the Flock” daily quest.

The best way to do this is to complete the quest but don’t exit your flight form. Then you can fly around at will.

Flying around and using your “Call the Flock” ability (press 1), collects birds and gives you stacks of SOAR.

Find out where the eagles are, they give you the most stacks of soar. It helps if you are doing this at off peak times so there will be less competition for birds. Fly around gathering the eagles, occasionally dipping down to get an owl, etc. to keep your stacks from dropping off.

Soon you’ll have 65 stacks and a new achievement. Just be careful that you don’t go plaid!

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