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Will Epic Gems be in Patch 4.3?

Leather and Gems

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Assuming Blizzard puts epic gems in the Cataclysm expansion they will have to be in 4.3. They have already said that 4.3 will be the last major content patch in the expansion. There may be smaller content patched after, but none with major raids. So if they are going to introduce them, 4.3 is it.

So the question pops up, how will we get these gems? And how will we get the patterns to cut them?

There are actually a few options. As far as getting the raw gems go, they could make them come from prospecting the Pyrite Ore and transmutted by Alchemists. That’s what they did in Wrath. So they could do that again. Or they could make them available only as raid drops, they’ve done that in the past too. Another way is that could be purchased with valor points, which has also already been done. So, in order to be prepared, I’m stocking up on Pyrite Ore. If they don’t go the prospecting route I can always convert them to belt buckles or transmute it to Truegold.

Jewelcrafting patterns could be sold for jewelcrafting tokens or bought, if you have rep with the Darkmoon Faire or some other faction. I’m stocking up on my tokens for now just in case it goes that way.

Also in the past cut gems have been included in Fishing Daily Quest rewards.

We have no way of knowing how this will work out right now. At least until the PTR goes live. It could be any of those methods,  or a combination, or something completely new and different.

How do you think Blizzard will handle this? And what are you doing in the mean time to be prepared?



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